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They say everyone has a happy place, and mine just so happens to be in the water – and maybe even more so, under it!

I’ve long had a passion for capturing underwater life, and that recently expanded to human portraiture.

Collaborating with outstanding Tampa makeup artist Stephanie Paul, we embarked on a project to create Zombie-like mermaids and mermen and see how they photographed underwater. “A Siren’s Peril,” shot with 10 willing and fantastic merfolk over the summer, is the result of that project. Each subject brought fabulous and unexpected emotion, underwater prowess, and artistry to their expressions and poses.

We hope you enjoyed my very first art show as an underwater portrait photographer, sponsored by Philip Shenkman CPA, Haven and LKLD magazines, and Polk Arts & Cultural Alliance, at ART/ifact in Downtown Lakeland. 

Thank you for supporting my work. This has been a wonderful journey!

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