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What to expect before & during the shoot.

What should I wear in the water?

Anything you would wear out of the water works well underwater, though clothing items and accessories that are flowy or long look fantastic underwater. We also have a supply of long dresses and maternity dresses. You are welcome to borrow as well as bring your own.


You may want to bring a swimsuit or undergarments that match your outfit.


Bright colors, such as red, hot pink and yellow, work well, as does white.

If you have a hobby you want to highlight, think about dressing in that style or bring accouterments (i.e. sports, etc.)

A NOTE ABOUT MAKEUP: Come with your makeup done, but bring with you for any touchups that will be needed. We suggest waterpoof makeup setting spray. Your face underwater will look different from the way it looks out of the water.

Accessories can be fun, such as long earrings, strands of pearls or lacy shawls.

Is posing underwater difficult?

We suggest you practice breathing underwater, if you can, or become aware of your breathing and breath control.

We also give you plenty of time to get comfortable in the water, practice your breathing and feel like a star! The photographer is a certified scuba diver and can offer tips that will help your underwater endurance.

Do I have to open my eyes underwater?

Opening your eyes underwater is not required, but it does enhance the look of your photos.

We can divide the underwater dips into smaller timeframes, provide lots of breaks, capture photos with your eyes closed, shoot from the neck down and/or provide Visine. We will work with whatever you are comfortable with, and encourage you to try new experiences.

Should I have certain poses in mind?

You are encouraged to email us underwater photos you like or ideas you would like to create. It is a good idea to imagine ahead of time what you are hoping to get out of your portrait shoot so we can do some homework on our end!

What should I expect from my photos?

Underwater photos are special, daring and unusual. They will not look like photos taken on land, as water and buoyancy cause the face, body and hair to do their own things! It’s best to just go with the flow (literally).

Are underwater sessions held in cooler months?

We keep our pool at a comfortable 89-90 degrees throughout the year.

Can more than one person be in the shoot at the same time?

Absolutely. Some of our favorite photos featured daddies-to-be, friends and spouses. Capturing the underwater interaction can be magical. 

If you are looking to have more than two people in the shoot, we recommend our Friends' Night Out package. This would be great for bridal parties, sports teams, work groups, or a fun gathering with friends.

Is there a desired point in pregnancy that makes the best portraits?

At 8 or 9 months, your belly is large and extremely buoyant, making it ideal for contrast and capturing. Being in the water also helps give a little lift to your belly, taking pressure off the rest of your body.

Should I bring a change of clothes?

We provide a private bathroom, complete with towels, bathrobe, mirror and changing space. We will provide you with a waterproof bag to bring home your wet clothing. You will want a set of dry, warm clothes to wear home.

How much does a photo session cost?

A 1-hour photo session for one person is $495 and includes prep work in advance (poses, tips, outfits); access to our dresses, jewelry and wraps; and 3 to 5 edited digital images from the shoot. You can pay half to reserve and the other half by the day of the shoot. 


  • We will come to your pool for a small additional travel fee.

  • Makeup artists are a great addition to your shoot, and we can make referrals.

  • Prints can be arranged for your favorite images.

For more than one person, see our Friends' Night Out packages.

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